2019 is the 30th anniversary of ZX SPECTRUM group

ZX Spectrum 48Kb workshop


BASIC laboratory




G'day... HOOY-PROGRAM is an international (originaly Polish 'though) crazy zx-group. We are the first Speccy group in whole Scene history, which has presented first time a zx-demo on the biggest Scene-party: Assembly. Also we are the last group in the world that makes demos for the best 8-bit computer: ZX SPECTRUM 48Kb with AY interface. I'm YERZMYEY. I have founded H-PRG in 1989-1990. The group was fucking bad in that time and it is fucking bad STILL!! ;-)
And it WILL BE fucking bad in the future!!!!!!! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! By the way - did I say, that my English suxx?? I think, you noticed it...
;-) ;-) ;-)
Anyway nowadays our group consists of a few people.

YERZMYEY (Poland) (it's me, it's me!!!! ;-) )
Organizer, musician, graphician, coder (the worst code in the world), Internet-spreader,

A coder. He makes graphix too. Slivovitza/beer/vodka-drinker.

GASMAN (England)
He's a coder too. A very good coder, hehehe. :-) And good musician as well. Beer/cider-drinker.



A coder. A beer-drinker, I suspect.


RALF (Poland)

A coder. And another beer-gourmet, it would seem.


VAVRZON (Poland)
He makes... erm... well... Graphic. And when we do something on PC, he do 3D-graphic. But mostly he drinks vodka with us.

TDM (Czech)
Great musician and also our coder. Beer-drinker.

FACTOR6 (Czech)
A musician, graphician and not so bad coder. ;) And a beer-drinker. ;)

EXPIRT (Russia)
He's a very good coder. Vodka-drinker I suppose. ;-) But he might drink beer too. ;-)

HABIB (Poland)
Graphician. He's good gfx-maker, I think, but he hates zx-atributes, hehe... ;-) Vodka/beer-drinker.

EX-MEMBERS: (They are no longer with us).


He was our coder. On Speccy and on PC.

ADAM (England)

He was a coder as well. Sometimes he was making some graphic stuff.

SMARKOO (Poland)

This bastard was making almost nothing for us. Some HTML, some PC-graphic, some PC-code... Well, now I recall - he made some ZX-code too.

We have done many programs for ZX SPECTRUM (mostly the 48Kb model), for ZX-81, and some for PC. Some demos, some platform-games and zx-magazine named "HOOY MAG". You can download these sucking things from this site. We made old-school and new-school demos, some parodies of new-school stuff and others. You can find some of our productions here.



8-bit DEMOS (ZX Spectrum, ZX81)

POPCORN - probably our first demo, made in 1989 (really ancient!! :) ). That's just 1-channel "Popcorn" music programmed on BEEP commands. :) Crap in its the finest form.



TRUE MUSIC 1 (The Best) - last times I managed to buy a real Grundig oldschool cassette tape recorder in not bad state! :) Before it got broken (well, after several weeks actually) I managed to convert from my ancient tapes some totally old HOOY-PROGRAM demos. :) This is a fruit of this - next totally crap experiments with BEEP commands, made also in 1989. It's only one channel but I tried and tried and tried to make it sound like more channels than only one! :) So I was typing BEEP commands hour after hour, hahah. :) ENJOY!!!!! ;)


TRUE MUSIC part 3 - sadly the second part has been lost in depths of time. But this is one of our the most early (also ancient, I would say) demos, made in 1989/1990 for ZX SPECTRUM 48Kb and its beeper. A small music-collection. At last I started to using MUSIC BOX editor instead of typic BEEP commands in BASIC, hahahaha!! :)




OVERLANDER MUSIC DEMO - some total crap with hacked tunes (from the game) and released in 1991.





DEMO COKOLWIEK DOWCIPNE - Old-school. This program was made in 1993. The demo is awful and stupid. :-)

A small music-collection, sadly it is in Polish language only... :-(


HOOYOZA DEMO - Old-school. Demo made in 1993 too. As stupid and ugly music-collection, as previous one. Once again Polish language only. :-(


1996 DEMO - Old-school. Year of publish??? You can guess, he-he... ;-) A small music-collection. Language: Polish...


1997 DEMO - Old-school. A little prettier than previous demos. A small music-collection in Polish language.


MICRO-LITTLE-SHORT-SMALL-DEMO - First attempt to parody of new-school. Stupid, ugly, short, awful, terrible demo almost whole in fucking Polish language.


1998 DEMO - Old-school. So-called kilo-demo. Three parts. You can watch graphic here and You will survive!!! Music as usual is quite good. Language??? A bit of Polish, a bit of english...


PC SLIDESHOW - Old-school + a slideshow. 1998. You may watch here craphix converted from PC. It's whole in English.


INDUSTRIAL PARADAYZZZ - A music-collection. Quite a good demo. There is only sample-music (made on digital tracker) in this prog. Only English language. Made in 1998. TAP version.
INDUSTRIAL PARADAYZZZ - The same demo, but in version for TR-DOS. (Big thanx for JASON!!!!!!) Warning: not *.trd files, but hobeta!! (*.$B et cetera).


1998 DEMO 2 - Old-school. As you probably can guess (if you are not complete idiot), this is second part of "1998 DEMO". This part is really better than previous one. But not much better of course, hehehe!!! ;-) You should remember, that we are CRAP!!!!!!!
Whole in English...

 DO-LITTLE 128 Old-school. 128K version. Demo by ADAM HODSON (England) & H-PRG. 1998. Whole in English. It is quite a good demo, I think. With a real coder, ha-ha!!!! Not fuckin' MR HANGMAN!!!!! ;-)
DO-LITTLE 48 - a version for 48K Spectrum models.


CHRISTMAS - NEW YEAR - DEMO Old-school. At last MR HANGMAN made quite a good code!!! I can't believe it!!! ;-) This is not bad demo, I think. Of course in English language.
CHRISTMAS - NEW YEAR - DEMO The same demo, but in TR-DOS version. (In HoBeta filezzz :-) ). Exactly like "INDUSTRIAL...", but I made a TR-DOS version by myself this time.


CRAPMO A parody of new-school demos. Our first demo in 1999. It is parody of trackmo. :-) Funny stuff, I suppose, hehehehehheh... ;-) The demo is in English.
CRAPMO The same demo, but in TR-DOS version. (In HoBeta filezzz :-) ). Exactly like in previous one, I made TR-DOS version again by myself.


CANNON BALL Old-school. Our second demo done in 1999. Our first mega-demo. Our first demo with Adam as oficial member of HOOY-PROGRAM, heheheh... ;) Well, I think, that the demo is not very bad. And quite funny. Whole is in English. And you MUST download it, hehehehehheh... ;-)
CANNON BALL: a version for TR-DOS - kindly converted by Shockwav3. Corrected by Yerz.


NO SOUND DEMO A parody of new-school demos. Hehehe, it's a cool production made in 1999 for *ZX-81* (!!!!) computers and its clones as I believe... ;-) It's in *.p file. You need 16K of RAM to start it. The demo is in English language. Enjoy it, my dear ZX-81 fans!! :)


CRAPMO 2 A parody of new-school demos. What is the year of this production? Hehe, still 1999. And still in English language. ;) This is our cool ;-) demo made for PHAT9 zx-party. It's VERY bad. And I LOVE it because of that!! Ha-ha-ha!! ;-) I made it in cooperation with BAZE/3SC.
CRAPMO 2 - TR-DOS version This is the same shitty demo, but in beta-disk version.


BUNCH OF ARSE A new-school demo by Raww Arse group with H-PRG as a sub-division (music & some gfx). 

It's for PHAT9 too. Download and enjoy!! :) (C) 1999.


BIG CHUJ DEMO (C) 2000. Old-school demo. Before Hellboi joined us, we made a cooperation demo. Yerz and Hell.

 YERZMYEY'S NIGHTMARE (C) 2000. It's an old-school demo. We've made it for PHAT party as I recall. First demo with Hellboi as official member of H-PRG.


YERZMYEY's TUNES (C) 2000. Hmmm. It's quite a difficult situation, as I don't know where to put this stuff. It's for PC actually, as it's a chip-tunes music-pack. BUT - all of the tunes are made on Speccy. You need only some plugin for Winamp (it's included in this ZIP file) and You can listen to them; in this case emulation is IDEAL. So maybe it will be here and in PC section too...?


 PONDLIFE MEGADEMO (C) 2001. Old-school stuff with some new-school feeling. It's a HOOY-PROGRAM+friends demo made as subdivision of RAWW ARSE. It was for FOREVER 2001 party.
PONDLIFE MEGADEMO: a TR-DOS version - kindly converted by Shockwav3.

 TOOTAL HOOY (C) 2001. Old-school demo. It was also a production for Forever party.


PROFOUNDLY NOT FUNNY DEMO (C) 2001. Old-school demo once again. It's the first H-PRG's production with TDM as a coder. If I remember well...
PROFOUNDLY NOT FUNNY DEMO (TR-DOS) - a version kindly made by Shockwav3.



ALTER EGO (C) 2002. New-style production this time, for 128Kb models only. It's the first H-PRG's production with Expirt as a coder. We have made this program for Forever 2002 party. The demo was on the first place in demo-compo.
ALTER EGO version for TR-DOS - a version kindly made by Shockwav3.


BE QUICK AS YOUR DICK (C) 2002. Old-school. Our second demo for Forever 2002 party.


DUPA BISKUPA OR MRTKA Z KRTKA (C) 2002. It's a parody of new-school productions. It's our third demo for Forever 2002 party.



YERZMYEY'S MUSIC-TAPE (C) 2002. It's one-weekend-production made 2 weeks after Forever 2002 - only for fun. It is mega-music-collection, which consist of almost 40 my songs. Unique stuff on Speccy scene.
YERZMYEY'S MUSIC-TAPE: TR-DOS VERSION The same demo, but in version for TR-DOS. As it's a disk-system, point of the title is lost. ;-) Great thanx for CHASM/CPU, who converted it.


LOSING VICTORIA (C) 2002. A new-school demo, for 128Kb models only, an author-production of GASMAN/HOOY-PROGRAM. As I said, we are the first Speccy group in whole Scene history, which has presented first time a zx-demo on the biggest Scene-party: Assembly. And it is THIS one demo.

YERZMYEY's TUNES part 2 (C) 2002. It is the second part of my chiptune-pack. But this time for listenning use ONLY AY-EMUL by Sergey Bulba, which You can find here: http://bulba.at.kz/




INTRO THAT GOES PING - 1 kb intro made in 2002.



A GIFT FOR MIKE FOLLIN (C) 2003. Little giftro made for Mike, Tim Follin's brother. TDM is their friend, so it's his idea. :) The demo is old-school stuff.
A GIFT FOR MIKE FOLLIN: TR-DOS VERSION The same prog, but in TR-DOS version.





FROOB - 1Kb infro made in 2003.




SYNDEECATE 2003 party INVITRO (C) - of course ;) 2003. An invitro for Czech multiplatform party. Co-production: OMEGA and H-PRG. :)
SYNDEECATE 2003 party INVITRO: TR-DOS VERSION The same demo, but in TR-DOS version. The version is made by my friend, C-JEFF (thanx!! :) ).

  SAILOR DEMO Our next crap, made in 2003. We made it for Syndeecate party, mentioned above. There is a good music in the prog, btw.


ALIENATE (C) 2003. It's our next new-school demo for 128Kb models only. Made for ASSEMBLY 2003 party, as the only demo for ZX SPECTRUM. This production is interesting, 'cause it's fucking good (obviously!! :) ), but also it has optional music for AY and MOD file for General Sound ZX sound-card. If You have no GS card, You can use Z80Stealth emulator. Enjoy. ;)
ALIENATE - TR-DOS VERSION It's the same demo, but in TR-DOS version. The conversion has been made by cyberjack/triebkraft (thanx).


ROBOCOP4 DEMO It's a stupid shit, made in 2003, especially for International Vodka Party: Zwei. ;-)

 NO, I DON'T NEED YOUR KIDNEY, MR SAUSAGE A crapmo. Completelly idiotic stuff for jerks. ;-) Made in 2004.














APOLOGY - 1kb intro made in 2004. Contains 6-channels music on ONE AY chip. :)










SHINY DEMO - nice-lookin' stuff made in 2004. :)










GEODE - 256b intro made in 2005.









HAIKU - cool small demo made in 2005.









ZX-WEDDING - a crapmo made in 2005 - Hellboj and Yerzmyey's sister got married! :)









PODFATHER - a demo made for IPOD platform. :) 2005.









YERZGIFT - a birthday giftro for Yerzmyey. ;) 2005.

YERZGIFT (TR-DOS) - kindly converted by Shockwav3.









HALUZKYNATION - a kind of crapmo made in 2006. :)









NRRR - KA - RRRK - a 256b intro made in 2006.









CLANGERS ON THE DANCEFLOOR - a 256b intro made in 2007.










LEAVING SUMMERTIME BEHIND - a small demo made in 2007.









SOUND-TRACKER 20th ANNIVERSARY - a demo for ZX SPECTRUM (128Kb models only) with GENERAL SOUND card. There is a 4-chnls MOD in the demo. :) ZIP contains 2 versions - in TAP file and in SCL (for TR-DOS users). Made in 2007.









NUMA NO YOJIN - an old-school crazy-demo for ZX SPECTRUM 48kb made in 2008. It was ranked 3rd on FOREVER party 2008. The demo is related with crazy Czech song "JOZIN Z BAZIN" and its bizarre choreography. :)

NUMA NO YOJIN for TR-DOS version - like above. ;) But in TRD file.









RUBBER FOREVER!! - This is just a small (very small) old-school demo for the first Spectrum model - ZX SPECTRUM 16Kb. We made it because we found that nobody makes any demos for this machine. :) It's made in 2008 and it was ranked as 6th on the Forever party. Maybe it's true what wrote to me some cool Commodore 16 owner, that there should be separate compo for Spectrum 16K demos. However we doubt anybody else would make demos for this comp, heh. ;)

The demo works OK with tape-only Spectrums and with divIDE drive. We haven't tested other systems, except:

RUBBER FOREVER!! TR-DOS version - the same demo but in TRD file. Sadly it resets itself after the scroll's loop which might be related with extremly low addressing on ancient ZX16Kb (TR-DOS based machines shows the demo without the final loop somehow).









THE NINJA MILKMAN CONSPIRACY - an old-school demo made by Gasman/H-PRG for ZX Spectrum 48K with AY interface, in 2008, for International Vodka Party 2008. Came as first. ;)









A HORSE, A HORSE, MY KINGDOM FOR A HORSE OR A SCOTSMAN ON A HORSE - a crazy-demo for ZX Spectrum 48K with AY interface, in 2008, for International Vodka Party 2008. Came as second. ;)

A HORSE... TR-DOS version - kindly made by Shockwav3.









IVP 2008 WYBOROWA - an old-school demo made for ZX Spectrum 48K with AY interface, in 2008, for International Vodka Party 2008. Came as first. From the "back side". ;)









RUBBER FOREVER part 2 - another micro-demo made in 2009 to support ZX Spectrum 16K owners, from time to time. Also a sick result of our beer/zx meeting with Breeze/Fishbone Crew (from Belarus). :)











ACTUAL SIZED COW - a small new-style demo made by us for FOREVER 2009 party. It came first! :) However it's only for Spectrum 128K. TAP and TR-DOS version. Code: Gasman/H-PRG, SID-like music: Yerzmyey/H-PRG.













CRAPMO III - our another parody of trackmos, featuring some pure BASIC effects and digital MOD-like track, made in 2009 year, for ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. The archive contains TAP and TRD versions. 

********The TR-DOS version START with the "BOOT.B" file!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!********

It's worth to mention that we made this crazy-demo for the occasion of 20th anniversary of HOOY-PROGRAM group.

I sent the demo for Chaos Constructions 2009 ZX-party and surprisingly the demo came 2nd (or 3rd, it's not clear enough for now) - still very high as for such a crap production. ;) Many thanx for voters. ;)









SPECTRUMORI-ON - 1Kb intro made for SUNDOWN 2009 party. It worx on ZX Spectrum 16K with AY-interface.

The competition was general "old-school demo compo" so this intro had to fight agains full Spectrum demos and also with a prod for Atari ST. And still it came 3rd!!! ;) Hahaha.









TRUE MUSIC IV - THE CHOPIN ;) - 20 years ago HOOY-PROGRAM made a "True Music - The Best" demo. (Which wasn't the best. It was shitty in fact ;) ). For this occasion, now - in 2009 - we made a demo in exactly the same style, with the same highly lame gfx and only one-channel BEEPER track coded by GASMAN/H-PRG! :) Additional code by Yerzmyey. ;) Happy birthday to... *us*!!!!! ;)
PS: Take a look on Gasman's MID to BEEP convertor: http://matt.west.co.tt/music/midibeep/ !!!!











IVP 2009 SLIDESHOW - a slideshow of 53-colours pictures sent to the only Polish ZX Spectrum meeting - International Vodka Party (edition in year 2009). It's a demo for Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 

Code: Gasman, music: Yerzmyey.
Graphic by all participants of IVP 2009 GFX-compo.
^^^SIT TWO MILES AWAY FROM MONITOR!!!!!^^^ ;) Low-resolution hazard! ;) 










48K DEMO - a new-school demo (trackmo style) made in 2010 for ZX48K. It contains also a MOD-like digital song. Came second in Forever 2010 8-bit party demo-compo. 










RUBBER FOREVER! Part 3 - one more micro-demo made in 2010 to support ZX Spectrum 16K owners from time to time.









Christmas Demo 2010 - a small demo-prog for Spectrum 48 with AY-interface made in December 2010.















CRITICAL ERROR - a new-school demo (trackmo style) made in 2011 for ZX48K, with ALONE CODER and PIESIU. It contains also a MOD-like digital song and the first full-screen 3D DOOM-like effect for Spectrum48 in the world. Came as first on Forever 2010 8-bit party demo-compo. 











1979 - a demo for Spectrum 128K, made by Factor6 in 2011. 









NYATRO - a small crazy-demo for Spectrum 128K made on Shucon 2011 zx-party. 









JUSTIN BEEPER - another HOOY-PROGRAM demo for ZX Spectrum 16Kb. This time made fully by Gasman/H-PRG and this time it doesn't need AY-interface - it use BEEPER music - while many good effects are on the screen (!) plus scroll (!!!). First place in "oldschool demo compo" of Sunrise 2011 party. 









ZYWIEC - A basic-joke-demo made in "real-time" ;) while IVP 2011 party. Contains Mister Beep's music (press "M" key). Coded by FACTOR6, HELLBOJ, gfx by FACTOR6, ideas and scrolltext - FACTOR6, HELLBOJ, TDM, YERZMYEY, IRRLICHT PROJECT, music by MISTER BEEP.  









9 CHANNELS - Another mega-demo - a co-production with MISTER BEEP and Trixs. Intro AY music by Yerzmyey, intro code/gfx by Factor6. Further main code by Hellboj, further main gfx by Trixs, the main BEEPER songs of course by MISTER BEEP. The demo contains NINE (9!!) channels BEEPER music. Released on International Vodka Party 2011. 










Revision 2012 invitation - an invitro made in 2012, for ZX Spectrum 128K. 









The Sound Demo - our production from BASIC Laboratory of HOOY-PROGRAM, made in 2012 for ZX81 with ZXpand and ZonX. If You don't have such a configuration, then take a look at our demo in the YOUTUBE.  














Dizzzruptor - a demo for Forever 2012 party (took the 1st place), made by HOOY-PROGRAM and friends like Piesiu, MAT/E.S.I, Trixs, Alone Coder and others. It works on ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. It contains also a MOD-like digital song.










Hairy Plotter - a 4K intro for Revision 2012 party. Cool stuff with beautiful Gasman's music (that I have no idea how he did fit into the 4K file). 










Gasman's Music Collection - like the title says. ;) It's a music-demo for ZX81 with ZXpand and ZonX. 

Released in 2012, at German ZX81-Party in Mahlerts.











FneqP - a cool  intro 1K for Spectrum48, made by Hellboj. 2013. 













New Wave - a demo by Alone Coder in coproduction with HOOY-PROGRAM, Lord Vader, Trixs and other guys. The demo has been made in 2013, and it took the 2nd place on Forever party. It works on ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. 







ASTRAL COMBAT - my music-collection released in 2013. It contains 3 parts and 8 fully digital songs - all warking on ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface. Might work with BEEPER but then it sounds like shit because those songs haven't been designed for BEEPER. The demo will also use Covox, if You have one, connected into Your Speccy. This is a coproduction with Shiru (code), Piesiu & Trixs (graphic). 

Also You can find this music as an MP3 album downloadable from here (recorded from real hardware).







YERZMYEY's SLIDESHOW - well, You can guess what's that. ;) As last year we totally forgot to support owners of ZX Spectrum 16K (shame on us!!), we decided this year to make a really big demo for Spectrum16. This is a mega-demo slideshow that contains 16 parts with 16 full-screen pictures and 16 songs. For music You need an AY-interface (only 15th part has music made for BEEPER). So - a giant 219Kb demo for ZX Spectrum 16K with AY-interface, made in 2013! :) Authors: Yerzmyey, Hellboj, Factor6, Gasman. 





On Her Majesty's Sceneish Service: Sundown 2013 Invitation - A small nice invitro made for ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface by Gasman/HOOY-PROGRAM in 2013.






The Cambrian Explosion - A ZX Spectrum 128K demo (timed for Pentagon standard at the moment) made in 2013 by Gasman/H-PRG for CC 2013 party. 








Mission Highly Improbable - A ZX Spectrum 48K demo made in 2014 by HOOY-PROGRAM (Gasman, Hellboj, Ralf) with Alone Coder, Lord Vader and TK90X-Fan for Forever 2014 party. It took the 1st place in the ZX demo compo. This is the first our demo with Ralf as a new coder (really good one, btw). Graphic by Piesiu, Trixs, RedBalloon, Equinox, Yerz. All AY songs by Yerzmyey. BEEPER music by MISTER(ious) BEEP.  





In The Future - a 128K demo by Gasman/H-PRG, made in 2016 for the Sundown Party (it came 2nd). TurboSound interface will make this demo better. :) Enjoy!


8-bit GAMES (ZX Spectrum, ZX81, Atari XL/XE, C64)


SMOK - Text-fantasy-game, sadly only in Polish... (C) 1993.

DROGA DO DUPLANDU (C) 2003. One more our text-adventure game in parody-of-fantasy convention. I wrote whole text within 1994-1997 years. Many corrections I added in 2002. So finally - in 2003 You can take a look on ZX SPECTRUM version of the game. For now it's only in Polish language, but maybe we will try to translate it into English too. Btw, there exist versions of the game for Atari 8-bit and C64, made by my friends from these platforms. :)
DROGA DO DUPLANDU - Commodore 64 version As You can guess, it's the same game, but for C64 platform. Thanx to JAD for his work!!!
DROGA DO DUPLANDU - ATARI 8 BIT version Yes, You've guessed. ;) TeBe and his crew made great work.

UCIECZKA ZE SPEJS-SZIPU (C64 version) (C) 2003/2004. It is our next solo-RPG game. For now it's only for C64 computer. Maybe in near future we will make it for other platforms (ZX, Atari etc...) Great thanx to JAD and SmallTownBoy for help!! (The game is in Polish language only).
UCIECZKA ZE SPEJS-SZIPU (ZX VERSION) (C) 2004. It is the same game, but this is a version for ZX SPECTRUM computers. Code: Hellboj. Music, Graphic, text/story: Yerzmyey. ('Polish-only' stuff).




FERENGI - this game, made in 2008, is a continuation of the classic ZX-81 game "Klingons". :) It's a co-production with ANDRE***. The archive contains cover-arts for cassette :) , WAV files to record them on a cassette (2 versions: 4Kb for expanded ZX-81 and 2Kb for unexpanded Timex Sinclair 1000) and of course *.P files for ZX81/TS1000 emulators.
FERENGI 1Kb - Factor6 was kind enough to make in 2009 a version 1Kb for unexpanded ZX81. Enjoy. ;)









Zbylut Owrzodzieñ w kamiennym, kurwa, zajebanym czarcim krêgu (English title: "Crapbert Buttslut in the muthafuckin' damn stone-circle of the devil") - our platform-game for ZX Spectrum 48K (based on AGD), made in 2012 for a game-compo of WAP-NIAK party (the game had the 1st place). 

Here is its 'longplay walkthrough' on YOUTUBE








Deadly Labyrinth of Lord Xyrx - our labyrinth game for ZX Spectrum 48K (based on CGD), made in 2013. 

Here is its 'longplay walkthrough' on YOUTUBE

And here is the soundtrack if anybody would be interested.

TK90XFan was so kind to make a TR-DOS version of the game. The TR-DOS version works 100% OK with Beta128 (Russian machines) and Beta48 (TK90X and TK95 computers). 










Mysterious Dimensions - a next H-PRG platform/arcade game, made in 2016. Based on AGD.








In nihilum reverteris - a new H-PRG 128 kb text-adventure game / interactive fiction by Yerzmyey (in English and Polish languages). Released in 2018.




HOOY MAG ISSUE #1 - 06/1998. This is first issue of our zx-magazine, named HOOY MAG. Only in Polish too...


HOOY MAG ISSUE #2 - Made in 2000 year. The second issue of our mag. It's only in Polish.



MALY ZIELONY SKURWYSYN - 1997-1998. Crazy-demo. A joke-demo otherwordly. The title in english means: LITTLE GREEN MOTHERFUCKER. There is almost no texts in the demo, so everybody can watch it. But you should remember, that on the end of the demo is a short text, which in English means: 'I AM SO FUCKING CLEVER!!!!' To start this program you need PC Pentium 90 or 100, and any SOUND BLASTER. The production works without EMM386!!!!!!!!! It will work on other PCs, but with bad synchronization. (It's MR HANGMAN's fault).


POJEBANE DEMO 1 - 1997. Crazy-demo. Sadly almost pure Polish... Configuration of computer: the same, like above.


DEFEND YOUR COUNTRY - 1998. Crazy-mega-demo. (About 9 minuts!!). Again I must say: Polish language... :-( Configuration - the same.


SEMPRINI DEMO - We made it in 1998 too. Crazy-demo like all of our productions. ;-) YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THIS DEMO, 'CAUSE IT IS IN ENGLISH AND YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT!!! :) Configuration of computer: the same, like above.

YERZMYEY's TUNES (C) 2000. As I said above: it's for PC actually, as it's a chip-tunes music-pack. BUT - all of the tunes are made on Speccy. You need only some plugin for Winamp (it's included in this ZIP file) and You can listen to them; in this case emulation is IDEAL.

YERZMYEY's TUNES part 2 (C) 2002. It is the second part of my chiptune-pack. But this time for listenning use ONLY AY-EMUL by Sergey Bulba, which You can find here: http://bulba.at.kz/

Well... This is not all of our productions. But some of them are _really_ very fucking bad. (You may die after wathing them ;-) ). But maybe one day I will upload them, hehehe. ;-) Our other PC-demos are too long to put them into WWW site. But maybe... One day... yeah, You can guess. ;-) Anyway our PC joke-demos are based on MONTY PYTHON's sense of humour. ;-)